Wear progress: Tucano Urbano presents AIRSCUD

Wear progress: Tucano Urbano presents AIRSCUD

In collaboration with In&motion, Tucano Urbano presents AIRSCUD: One of the most versatile airbag systems in the world, with services and safety functions that are updated and improved day after day.

AIRSCUD: Safety always on

AIRSCUD originates from this progressive safety concept: A product that harnesses all the power of artificial intelligence to achieve a concentration of innovation, functionality and design. To develop AIRSCUD, Tucano Urbano uses the In&motion AIRBAG technology by a leading French company in the development of autonomous airbags, which is already used by numerous MotoGP and Dakar riders. Tucano Urbano’s expertise in materials and knowledge of riders needs meets In&motion’s technology and specialisation to create a product able to guarantee maximum protection for those riding a motorcycle or scooter every day.

AIRSCUD learns

AIRSCUD constantly collects and analyses riding data from thousands of users worldwide to improve airbag deployment algorithms. Thanks to 7 sensors – 3 accelerometers, 3 gyroscopes and 1 GPS – the detection algorithm measures the parameters of use a thousand times every second and, if necessary, provides the fastest inflation activation in the world; in less than 60 milliseconds – less than a blink of an eye – the system detects the risk and completes the airbag inflation, with total coverage of the vital areas: chest, abdomen, neck and spine.

That’s why AIRSCUD is the ideal airbag for everyday travel, when danger is more unpredictable than ever.


With the ability to be worn over any outfit or under your favourite motorbike jacket – including Tucano Urbano’s soon-to-be-available AIRSCUD Connection ready jackets – the AIRSCUD really does offer maximum versatility. What makes AIRSCUD even more unique is the patented ARM LINK system, through which sleeves can be added to the vest. In just a few seconds, AIRSCUD becomes a CE-motorcycle certified jacket, equipped with D3O® T5 EVO X CE – EN 1621 Level 1 CE certified protectors on shoulders and elbows.

Finally, to ensure all-season use, AIRSCUD is made of waterproof and breathable materials that make it water-resistant, so it can be used at the whim of the weather.

AIRSCUD innovates

Always connected, it is able to add new features over time which increase its value and versatility of use. In&motion’s engineers gather and analyse data from thousands of riders as they travel roads all over the world: Every activation is detected and studied in detail. This continuous research and development feeds the latest versions of the detection algorithm, which is available to all users.

What’s more, a number of algorithms are available to optimise its operation depending on the conditions of use: Street mode for everyday riders; adventure mode for off-road adventures and track mode for fast-paced riding. Simply choose the subscription plan that best suits your needs via the In&motion App.

AIRSCUD is stylish

Originating in Milan, the Italian fashion capital where the Tucano Urbano brand grew up, the design makes the difference with AIRSCUD. Clean lines, the choice of materials and the attention to every detail make it an elegant and comfortable garment for everyday use in every context.

The exterior has been constructed with lightweight Taslan polyamide, as well as 500D Oxford polyamide in the areas most exposed to impact for greater abrasion resistance. The lining is 3D mesh for better ventilation, while the sides feature large elasticated panels to ensure a perfect fit.

The transparent window on the back allows the In&box to be switched on and monitored by LEDs, and there is a padded, neoprene collar for improved comfort. Two front pockets allow you to comfortably store your possessions and the sleeves have biceps and wrist adjustments to fit the body.

Tucano Urbano has also paid great attention to weight. The vest in size large weighs just 1,950 grams, but it is the jacket in particular that impresses, weighing only 2,620 grams: A benchmark value comparable to that of a traditional jacket with protectors.

AIRSCUD is certified

The development of AIRSCUD involved a long series of practical and laboratory tests performed by both In&motion and Tucano Urbano. AIRSCUD is therefore a CE motorcycle certified vest – Class C Oversuit – meaning it has the resistance characteristics that allow it to be worn safely both over and under a jacket. In addition, it contains a CE EN 1621 – Level 1 back protector that offers additional spinal protection even in situations where the algorithm does not deploy the airbag. With the addition of sleeves, AIRSCUD transforms into a Class A CE motorcycle certified jacket, equipped with CE – EN 1621 Level 1 certified D3O® T5 EVO X protectors on shoulders and elbows.

The vest can be easily reset at home by removing the discharged inflator unit and replacing with a new inflator unit, available to purchase separately. There is no need to send off the vest to be reset.

Available in 6 sizes from S-3XL, the AIRSCUD will be available in select UK Tucano Urbano stores and on the Tucano Urbano website from September.

Until 31st July, customers can pre-order the AIRSCUD online and in stores at the price of £399.00, with the exclusive advantage of receiving the AIRSCUD SLEEVES for free – worth £99.00.

After 31st July, the airbag vest and sleeves will be available to purchase together for a combined RRP of £479.00, or separately for RRP £399.00 for the vest, and £99.00 for the sleeves, plus the subscription cost for In&motion.


For more information or to see the full range, visit: www.tucanourbano.com/en/

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